5.14. Noteworthy changes

5.14.1. v0.8.x (under development)

  • Distributed to POTHI.com and CreateSpace

5.14.2. v0.7

  • Copyrights extended to 2014
  • Create preview editions for google play and iBookStore
  • Printed edition available on POTHI.com
  • [web] Upgraded to google universal analytics for webpage
  • [web] Upgraded Google Custom Search
  • [index] New tagline: The easiest...
  • [introduction/eclipse-overview] Wascana is obsolete
  • [introduction/workspace] Clearer reference to future section of multiple workspaces
  • [advanced-eclipse/upgrading-eclipse] Tell user to take a backup before upgrading
  • [appendix/formats-of-the-book] Online book is only partial
  • Migrated build and distribution system to http://www.purnank.in/ratatouille/