2.3.4. Code Completion

Code completion is one of the most basic features of a language sensitive IDE. Press Ctrl + Space and Eclipse would be of immediate help.

But Eclipse takes it one step further.

Pressing f and then Ctrl + Space brings in window for completion.


Pressing Ctrl + Space again cycles through types of completions. In this case its for Code Templates.


Pressing . , -> and :: also activates content assist automatically. This behavior can be configured via Window → Preferences → C/C++ → Editor → Content Assist Word Completion

Word completions takes context sensitivity one step backward. (Or maybe forward.) It does not depend on context sensitive information. Pressing Alt + / would complete current word. The most important usage would be within comments. Where in you may want to explain about some functions/variables. The function name would not be context sensitive within the comment region but the word would still complete itself.