2.3.1. Text Editor

There are unfair comparison of Eclipse with other text editors. [1] But Eclipse is an IDE. Eclipse has a text editor. It’s a different Text Editor. There cannot be a 1:1 mapping between all the features of Eclipse and other text editors. But still Eclipse is feature rich.

Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts within Eclipse.

Action Key
Delete Line Ctrl + D
Delete to End of Line Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Delete Next / Previous Word Ctrl + Delete / Ctrl + Backspace
Insert blank line Below Current Line Shift + Enter
Insert blank line Above Current Line Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Join Lines Ctrl + Alt + J
Move Line(s) Up / Down Alt + Down / Alt + Up
Copy Lines Up Ctrl + Alt + Up
Copy Lines Down Ctrl + Alt + Down
Scroll Up / Down Ctrl + Down / Ctrl + Up
Maximize - Minimize Ctrl + M
[1]Vim, Notepad