2.1.8. Jumping within the file

If you want to jump around the source file, here are some of the quickly used keyboard shortcuts.

Action Key
Next Member Ctrl + Shift + Up
Previous Member Ctrl + Shift + Down
Jump to Matching Bracket (Parenthesis) Ctrl + Shift + P
Incremental find next Ctrl + J
Incremental find previous Ctrl + Shift + J
Next Annotation Ctrl + .
Previous Annotation Ctrl + ,
Last edited place Ctrl + Q
Previous cursor position. Alt + Left
Next cursor position. Alt + Right
Goto Line Ctrl + L
Quick Outline Ctrl + O Annotations

Annotations are markers. They are generated from the multiple sources like:

  • Bookmarks
  • Breakpoints
  • C/C++ Indexing errors
  • Search results
  • Compiler errors/warnings
  • FIXME/TODO Markers
  • Etc.

When you press Ctrl + . (icon_annotation_next) / Ctrl + , (icon_annotation_prev), you can go to the next / previous Annotation. You can enable/disable/skip certain annotations at your convenience.

From the drop down menu, you can Select/Remove which annotation are selected for Jumps. (The drop down menu is available when you press the small down button on the right of the icon_annotation_next or icon_annotation_prev button.)


Select/Remove which annotation are selected for Jumps

For improved visual feedback, it is also possible to configure how the annotations look. General → Editors → Text Editors → Annotations would take to Annotation Preferences. Their meaning is shown in the next table.


Annotation Preferences

Preferences for Annotations
Vertical Ruler Show the annotation marker on the left of editor.
Overview Ruler Show the annotation overview on the right of editor.
Text As Formatting of the text within editor.
Color The color used for formatting within editor. And on the right overview ruler.
Include in... Go to the marker when icon_annotation_next icon_annotation_prev Ctrl + . Ctrl +, are pressed