1.5.3. Create File

Let’s create a new file file.rtf. There are many options to do that. File → New or Right Click on the project


Name the file file.rtf


The file can be seen in the Eclipse Project Explorer.


1.5.4. Create Folder

Similarly, we can also create a Folder. Let’s create source/documentation folder It is noteworthy to see that we can easily create recursive folders.


The Project Explorer view will show the new directory created.


Using the Project Explorer, we can also move files and folders here and there.

../../_images/e-prj-explr-drag-and-drop-pre.png ../../_images/e-prj-explr-drag-and-drop-post.png

1.5.5. Linked Files and Folders

Eclipse also supports a feature of linked files and linked folders.

Linked files are similar to the concept of links in Linux and shortcuts in Windows. This is very handy feature for large software projects with very complex organization. The uses are limit-less. We can create link to a file/folder within the project, or outside the Project.

Let’s create a link to the existing file.rtf


This is how it would look in Project Explorer


The information about these linked files/folders is stored in .project