Organization of the book

This book has four parts:

  1. Introduction is for the users who do not know Eclipse. Who have used other IDEs. Want to get familiar with Eclipse. Its terminologies. This part gives a brief overview of Eclipse.

  2. C/C++ Software Development is the main core of the book. Focused on C/C++ Development. For the users who know C/C++ and want to use Eclipse.

    This part is divided into sub-parts.

    Sub Part 1:Reading Code ( developers always do this. )
    Sub Part 2:Building Code ( essential for any new [1] software. )
    Sub Part 3:Editing Code ( something that adds to the bottom line. )
    Sub Part 4:Tweaking Eclipse/CDT ( play, don’t fight, with the tool. )
  3. More from Eclipse is about using Eclipse IDE more extensively. Using it beyond coding/programming. Using it for over-all software engineering. Looking at the I in IDE

  4. Advanced Eclipse covers technical details on Eclipse.

[1]Code/Software new to the developer. This can also be an age old software undergoing maintenance.