4.4.1. Installing a new Plugin


If you are behind a network proxy, set it correctly in General → Network Connections Eclipse Market Place

From within the Eclipse GUI, this is the best way to install/update a plugin.

Got to Help → Eclipse Marketplace

You will be taken to nice window to choose a variety of Eclipse Plugins

Eclipse market place

Eclipse market place UI to choose and install a plugin Eclipse Update Site

This is the old way of installing a new plugin via Eclipse GUI.

  1. Press Help → Install New Software

  2. Press Add

  3. Give Name and Location of the Repository URL

    Every Plugin has a repository URL. This is also called the Update URL

    e.g. http://jupiter-eclipse-plugin.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/site/ is the update URL of Jupiter Eclipse Plugin [1]

  4. Eclipse would download information from the Repository URL.

  5. Select the relevant Plug-ins

  6. Press Next

  7. Accept the license agreement and press Next

  8. Eclipse would ask to restart... Please agree

  9. Now the plug-in would be available with your Eclipse installation

Steps similar to above are shown in Installing CDT Via Dropins (Dirty Way)

http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_p2_Getting_Started demonstrates ways to install a new plug-in to Eclipse.

It is as easy as copy files to a specific folder and re-starting Eclipse:

                ... etc...
[1]Jupiter is a code review plug-in tool for the Eclipse IDE.