4.4.2. Installing CDT

If your Eclipse installation already has CDT, this chapter can be skipped. Else, follow the steps in this chapter to extend your installation of Eclipse to have C/C++ Software Development functionality.

(If you are not sure if CDT is already installed, please refer this section to check if plugin is installed. )

  1. Go to Help → Install New Software

  2. If you do not find something like cdt in Work with input Box, add CDT to Available Software Sites

    Extend the available repositories for installing new plugins in Eclipse
  3. Enable the CDT Repository in Available Software Sites

    Enable the CDT repository from Preferences page
  4. Select the CDT Repository in Work With input box

    Select the CDT Repository in work with box
  5. Select the main CDT Plugin for installation.

    Select the main CDT Plugin for Installation
  6. Click Next button

  7. If you agree, accept the license agreement and Click Next button

  8. Eclipse would ask to restart... Please agree

  9. Now CDT is available with your installation