4.5. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make developers/programmers productive. The support for keyboard shortcuts is feature rich in Eclipse.

Press Ctrl + Shift + L, Ctrl + Shift + L ( Ctrl + Shift + L twice). You will get the keyboard shortcut lists window

List of keyboard shortcuts in Eclipse

4.5.1. Schemes

The default scheme is the set of shortcuts of Eclipse. For users migrating from other IDEs (like EMACS/MSVC), Eclipse can be configured to use those shortcuts.

4.5.2. Context Sensitive

The keyboard shortcuts are context sensitive. e.g. while editing text Alt + Down moves line down. While in text views, it goes to next unread tasks.

4.5.3. Search Existing Keyboard Shortcuts

Its difficult to remember so many keyboard shortcuts. But in Eclipse, you can easily search for the shortcuts. Just press Ctrl + Shift + L twice, and type in the filter. Here is an image of searching only for hierarchy

Finding keyboard shortcut to only match hierarchy

You can also see the description.

4.5.4. Create New Keyboard Shortcuts

For pre-existing actions, user can also create new keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Select the command from list
  2. Select Binding and key in the shortcut
  3. If needed, select When that shortcut should be active.
  4. If the keyboard shortcut has a conflict, it would be triggered in Conflicts. (So that you don’t make mistake of assigning same keyboard shortcuts to more than one thing)

4.5.5. Update/Extend Existing Keyboard Shortcuts

Just like Create New Keyboard Shortcuts, you can update existing keyboard shortcut.

4.5.6. Multi Key Keyboard Shortcuts

Pressing Ctrl + Shift L once opens a preview of keyboard shortcuts. Pressing Ctrl + Shift L twice (Ctrl + Shift L, Ctrl + Shift L) opens the preferences on keyboard shortcuts. , is the delimiter.

4.5.7. Different Keyboard Shortcuts

What if you want to use “Different” keyboard shortcuts for the same operation?

  1. Select the command
  2. Press Copy Command
  3. Now you have different keyboard shortcut. Just update this shortcut/command as described in Create New Keyboard Shortcuts.

4.5.8. Delete/Revert Keyboard Shortcuts

What if you want to delete all the keyboard shortcuts/customizations, press Restore Defaults