5.8. Credits

This work is indebted a lot of people. This work would not have been possible without the inspiration and vision of these peoples.

  • Parents

    • For whom, genuine effort was more important then results.
  • Sibling

    • Who showed me the true mirror.
  • My Guru — Pinal Sir

    • Who introduced me to programming.
  • RMS

    • From whose name, the landscape of Liberal Software starts.
  • Donald E. Knuth

    • For the excellent TeX typesetting system
  • Everybody behind Eclipse/CDT

    • For the excellent IDE
  • Family & Friends

    • Who always gave me space in their hearts.

A lot of tools have been used behind this work. While each tool performs a specific part of it, all are equally important. I am not only the indebted to the developers of these tools, but also the community behind these tools. Many thanks to them.

Here is a list of tools used (in no particular order) [1]

[1]To err is human. I am sure I have missed a lot of entries in the list.
[2]Both Emacs and Eclipse have been used for editing reStructuredText files. Emacs is better as reST Editor. Eclipse is better as in IDE.