5.9. Testimonials

A few good words, about the good book, from some good users


In some cases, the feedback is not enlisted verbatim.

This book helped me to learn how to program C++ in Eclipse Platform.

It is very user friendly and has a good structure which accompanies the Beginners from the beginning to the end.

— Ervan Chint

Many many thanks to Meera. I was trying to run a project on Eclipse but could not do. I searched for some help in the Eclipse forum but could not find any clear and simple solution. At last I notice Meera’s post which gave me a way how to manage all these in the Eclipse. Really the contents of this book are very nice and very helpful.


— Chandan

This book is the only one I’ve found that clearly introduce and make effective the use of Eclipse, beyond the C/C++ development. Congratulations!

— Oparti

The book is very lucid explanations and i think it is a must for all! Have been searching for something like this.

I convey my appreciation to the author for the great job done!


— Vamsi Parasa

So far, I like the flow of content from learning about Eclipse (for beginners) to development with C/C++ and on to advanced features of Eclipse. I really enjoyed the fact that though I have been developing with Eclipse for some time now, I was still able to learn a few things that I did not know about when I read the Introduction. I especially liked the instructions for set up and running Eclipse for the Linux OS.

— Brett Patterson

Very very good. I am novice in Eclipse, it was happening hours looking for information, until I read your book, thank you very much, help is of great, ....... . A greeting and again thank you very much for writing this book.

— Duque