Bookmark is like tagging or anchoring a point in your source code where you revert back quickly.

To add a bookmark either press Edit → Add Bookmark (OR) Right click on the left editor pane. Click Add Bookmark

In Eclipse, it is also possible to describe a bookmark. By default the description is the contents of the line. The description can be changed any time. Either during creation of bookmark. Or via the Bookmark View

We can also see Bookmarks and the markers in editor Hovering on it can also show the description. The left pane shows the anchors points. The right pan shows overview of the complete file.


Bookmarks and the markers in editor

The list of bookmarks can be seen in Bookmarks View. If the view is not visible, activate it using either Window → Show View → Other → General → Bookmarks Or quicker keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + Q , Q and then selecting Bookmarks


Bookmarks view

Bookmarks can be removed using Remove Bookmark entry from Right click context menu. Or using the Bookmarks view

We can Double Click on Bookmarks view to jump directly to a bookmark.

We can press Ctrl + . and Ctrl + , to navigate to next/previous Bookmark in this file. See Jumping within the file for more.