2.3.10. Display Layouts

The look and feel of Eclipse can be changed. You only need to drag and drop. Drop to the new location you want. The layout can be made the way you prefer. The possibilities are limitless. Side By Side

Just to give an example, here we are showing Editor being put side by side.

  1. Drag the editor tab to the new location

  2. Once the tab is dropped, editor is side by side


The same way, we have up/down, etc. Even multiple views. Its all for the developer’s convenience. See a new Views

Assuming we want to see a new view. (In this case, Bookmarks view)

  1. Press Window → Show View → Other (Or Alt + Shift + Q, Q

  2. Select Bookmarks

  3. You will get Bookmarks view within workspace.

You can place it where-ever you want, just drag and drop as we did to place editors side-by-side.

(In a similar way, you can add any View you want.) Maximized / Minimized

Each view can be maximized. Double click on Stack, or press the maximize button, or Ctrl + M. Once maximized, other views get Trimmed around. Here is an image showing that operation in action.

../../../_images/e-max-min-layout.png Save the Layout

If you like the layout, and would like to use it often in future, save it. Just press Window → Save Perspective As. Reset the Layout

The changes can be reverted back any time. Just press Window → Reset Perspective